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Wide range of dental treatments

All the treatments to help you achieve your perfect healthy smile

From dentures to implants to periodontics, all of your family's dental need can be treated here at
Healthy 32 Dental 
  1. 2
    A fixed permanent solution for missing teeth, restore aesthetics and masticatory function
  2. 1
    Same Day Crowns
    Crowns and Bridges are fixed permanent solutions to restore aesthetics and function of broken and missing teeth without implant surgery. All in one single appointment!
  3. 3
    Restore aesthetics, masticatory function, and speech with partial and or full dentures
  4. 4
    At H32D we only place tooth colored,mercury-free "fillings" to fix cavities and minimally broken teeth.
  5. 5
    From regular simple teeth cleanings to deep scaling teeth cleanings
  6. 6
    Root Canal Therapy
    For teeth with chronic infections causing you severe pain, keep your own teeth and eliminate infections with a painless procedure.
  7. 7
    Resolve chronic morning headaches, tired head &cheek muscles help protect your teeth from nocturnal teeth grinding.
  8. 8
    Tooth Whitening
    Looking for movie star white teeth, whiten them at home with our affordable whitening treatment.
Now Offering Invisalign
The Clear Alternative to Braces
The clear alternative to traditional braces. Clear removable aligners that will allow you to keep your teeth healthy and clean while you achieve your best smile.  Call us for more information.